Welcome to BenSino EG SASU, we engineer solutions for the beautiful continent.

BenSino EG SASU is an international engineering consulting group that has three divisions (cooperatives) named Gaming, Information Technology (IT), and Engineering. It is registered in Cotonou and will start full-scale operation by January 2018 around the world even though its main marketplace remains Africa.

The Gaming division is already operating in Montreal under BenSino Game Studio while the IT division has recently started its activities in Aylmer under BenSino Information Technology Corporation. Nonetheless, each division is operating independently.

Our vision is to shape the future of the engineering services across Africa by being a worldwide respected and influential voice in software and hardware engineering. The idea is to have an African entity entirely devoted to engineer long-term solutions for the beautiful continent from Cape Town to Alexandria.

Gaming Division : BenSino Game Studio
BenSino Game Studio represents the gaming activities of the group. It basically publishes African based games on most popular Smartphone’s operating system platforms. Its goal is to promote African cultures within the gaming industry across the world. Click here to visit the website

IT Division : BenSino Information Technology Corporation
BenSino IT Corporation represents the information technology activities of the group. It basically develops and offers enterprise solutions and also provides various information technology services such as database management systems, web and mobile applications to small and medium businesses. Click here to visit the website

Engineering Division : BenSino Engineering Consulting Firm
BenSino Engineering Consulting Firm will represent the engineering activities of the group. It will basically design, develop, and provide cognitive integrated software & electronic systems to small and medium businesses. Click here to visit the website