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Who We Are

BenSino EG SASU is a value-added engineering company engineered by its founder and owner Ralph D'Almeida. It is founded to counter the well-intended but inefficient idea of building a school or water pump in a village pretty much in the middle of nowhere. We believe that a better solution will be to invest adequately and provide all engineering resources to the country which in turn can build modern schools and water supply systems everywhere in needed. In order to achieve that, we are relying on the fact that businesses represent the wealth of a country, so it is easier to industrialize existing registered businesses so that they can grow and expand to the international market. As a result, more wealth will be created for the country to provide modern education and basic services to all its citizens or to be able to borrow directly on international market instead of relying on the West to provide aids with some favours in return.

Hence, the group strives to deliver the latest and most innovative technology and engineering solutions to Africa. The company serves clients in both the public and private sectors, focusing on gaming, enterprise solutions, software and advanced engineered systems. We strongly believe in hard and smart working values.

The group has firstly started operating in Montreal by developing mobile games for international marketplace and will continue operating for many years to come. It has then expanded its activities in Ottawa to develop and provide secure enterprise software, web, infrastructure, and business intelligence development services to small and medium businesses. The next move will be the inception of the engineering & consulting firm in 2024 to operate within North America’s technological marketplace and international level (primarily in Africa). The new engineering division will be located in Toronto. This will set up the foundation for full scale activities of the group as an international engineering consulting group with its headquarter located in Cotonou (Benin - West Africa).

Overall, with our roots firmly planted in the technological marketplace, BenSino EG SASU is re-structuring Africa's heavy industries for the well-being of all Africans on and beyond the beautiful continent.

Majority Shareholder

Ralph D'Almeida, M.Eng.Sc., P.Eng.
President & CEO
Cell.: + 1 647 745 2245
E-mail: ralph.dalmeida@bensino-eg.us
Blog: https://rdalmeida.bensino-eg.com/blog
Personal Website: https://rdalmeida.bensino-eg.com