Morya Garden

The Morya Garden project is a typical example of manufacturing handmade products at a large scale. The business produces plants based medicines as well as liquors and sales them to specialized shops.

Business needs

There are no warehouse and statistical sales records to maintain an accurate inventory and keep up with demands’ fluctuations. The business growth stalls and it is difficult to acquire new clients without social media exposure. It does not have any supply chain management and cannot offer delivery services. The business also wants to conduct medical research studies to improve medicines efficiency.


The Morya Garden ecommerce website integrates most of social media network to increase business’ growth, acquire new clients and retain old ones. The website also has customer relationship management system and a machine learning framework to accurately maintain inventory and predict future orders. The Morya Garden manufacturing plant will allow the business to reach international clients and provide funds to conduct medical research studies.


The industrialization of the production with a proper supply chain management will increase productivity, boost employment, and generate wealth for the society.

Selection criterion

The Morya Garden was selected because it requires natural plants to conduct its activities and therefore the production industrialization will have expansion to the agriculture sector.


The implementation of our methodology is summarized below. We are currently in phase I.

  • Phase I
  • The objective here is to showcase the products and build a recognizable brand on the web. We first tested and get feedback from most social media network exposure. We then redesigned the brand and the products’ labels according to the feedback. Lastly, we designed and built an ecommerce website with delivery and online payment options.

  • Phase II
  • This phase will be adjusted based on the results of the previous phase; but basically, we will add the customer relationship management system and machine learning framework to the website. We will then open a specialized medical shop and a warehouse to fulfill demands.

  • Phase III
  • The industrialization will take place in this phase as well as a proper supply chain management system. More shops and warehouses will be planned to back up international export.

  • Phase IV
  • This is the consequence of phase III that implies to industrialize the agriculture in order to maintain raw materials supply.