The gaming division of BenSino EG SASU has already published various titles on different mobile and tablets platforms. Among others are the games collections "African Poker Sim", "African Poker", and "African Poker Free" available on Android, and soon on iOS. More details on the games collections are accessible in the "Titles" section while their demonstrations or slideshows are in "Demos" section. The average of our released titles rating is 4 stars and the upcoming ones are targeting for 5 stars rating. You also have a sneak peek of the next releases in the "Upcoming" section.

Its objective is to promote African culture within the gaming industry in order to inspire locals and bring the beautiful continent's sensation to expatriates. As a result, most of the published titles will be based on African stories.

The marketing plan is to firstly develop and publish a free version of the game with ads and then based on its popularity and overall players' feedback, release a final and complete paid version to the gaming marketplace. Finally, only updates and few new features will be provided until the financial goal for the title is reached.

Download our titles today and enjoy African based video games like never before. In depth details are available on BenSino Game Studio website.