All public documents are displayed here with the proper copyrights except internal resources. Some of the design documents samples of the web applications produced by BenSino Information Technology Corporation are available here for consultation. There will be in the near future the design documents of some of the games published by BenSino Game Studio as well.

You will have the opportunity to analyse the documents and to try the high fidelity prototype of the applications. In order to post useful comments or to express your thought on the design solution adopted as well as the prototype tested, you will have to register first and be approved by the system's administrator. Any abuses or improper languages within posted comments will result in warnings or suspension depending on the severity of the offense committed.

All comments and critics will be taken into account for the development of further applications if applicable. Please, do not use the comment posting section to ask any questions but use the "Contact Us" section instead because they will neither be answered nor will they be replied back.

For now only three of all engineered enterprise applications are currently accessible.