Services Offered

The company provides engineering consulting services to the public and private sectors focusing mainly on sustainable industrialization of handmade and artisanal products. We offer incremental services in form of assessing our clients' business needs and designing adequate solutions that include full business operations' automation and digitalization. There are two types of services:

  • Passive services where the company selects a business, covers all costs associated to its transformation, and let the business pays later upon successful.
  • Active services where clients request a quote and pay for the provided services.

Any entity of the group can partly or fully provide all above services and each of them is highlighted below.

BenSino Game Studio develops and commercializes African based video games on the following platforms: Smartphones, Computer & Xbox, and Sony PlayStation. All our games can be purchased online on the above platforms’ dedicated web site, while our website will implement real-time demos to provide additional testing for the games during development process. This entity can also provide mobile applications development services; further details are in the "Gaming" section.

BenSino Information Technology Corporation develops and supports enterprise solutions such as web (websites, e-commerce, mobile) and IT infrastructure development, APIs & web-services, business intelligence, and digital automation. This entity not only helps with carrying out onsite contracts but also supplies its own new product lines that integrate the very latest technologies available including blockchain integration with IoT. More details can be found in the "IT" section.

BenSino Engineering & Consulting Firm Inc. will develop and support advanced engineered systems and software for medium and large businesses. This entity's engineering & consulting services include artificial intelligence, identity access management, medical device software, complex software for industrial equipment manufacturing, embedded hardware and software for train and aircraft control systems. It will also outsource projects for large companies. Full services descriptions are in the "Engineering" section.