Services Offered

The company is composed of three entities that provide consulting services to public and private sectors ranging from gaming to engineering. Each entity products and services are highlighted below.

BenSino Game Studio develops and commercializes African based video games on the following platforms: Smartphones, Computer & Xbox, and Sony PSP & PS Vita. All our games can be purchased online on the above platforms’ dedicated web site, while our website will implement real-time demos to provide additional testing for the games during development process. Further details are in the "Gaming" section.

BenSino Information Technology Corporation develops and supports enterprise solutions such as computer based and client/server database management systems, data-warehouse, business intelligence, cloud computing, mobile and web applications as well as customer support services. Our primary showcase product is an e-commerce website designed for distributing and selling some of BenSino Game Studio's apps online. More details can be found in the "IT" section.

BenSino Engineering Consulting Firm will engineer and support integrated electronic systems and software for small and medium businesses. This will be their engineering solutions to future needs or business expansion. It also outsourced projects for large companies. You can picture its vision in the "Engineering" section.