Our Missions and Commitments

BenSino EG SASU is committed to develop, provide, and support only the safest and most reliable advanced engineered systems with the best quality control. With this as our primary commitment plus our open engineering spirit, we will always ensure that the best technologies and methodologies as well as robust environmental engineering concepts remain available on-demand to whichever business that might need them. In addition, we will heavily invest in enhancing our healthcare and education systems that will create equal economic prosperity for all.

Furthermore, our gaming commitments are to develop games that are rated for everyone and constitute a valuable resource for both expatriates and locals. We ensure appropriate contents with respect to all targeted platforms' publishing policies while providing fun as usual. We value players' feedbacks and always will take them into consideration for new features and updates.

Finally, the IT and Engineering commitments are to best serve our clients like they have never been served before and establish with them a long-term relationship based on mutual businesses growth. These are being achieved on one hand with the affordability of our enterprise solutions designed for small and medium businesses to stimulate their sales and daily operations. On the other, the reliability of our software and engineered systems will provide medium and large businesses new and exciting ways to securely and cost effectively manage internal IT activities as well as to integrate state-of-the-art engineering solutions for their future needs. In the end, our clients’ projects are always completed on time, and they are fully satisfied with the results and long-term growth initiated.

Since the endgame is the sustainable industrialization of Africa, our primary mission is to engineer solutions for the beautiful continent. We will then finance whenever possible any project that improves most Africans’ livelihoods anywhere on the beautiful continent. However, we will never give away fish to anyone, but rather teach everyone how to fish. Moreover, it is extremely important to always remember that we are not the West; meaning, we will never create better life only for ourselves and then spend most of our wealth protecting that lifestyle. Instead, we will always ensure that all of us equally have better life wherever we are located regardless of the political system in place. This is the fundamental of our open and social engineering principles. Hence, each division's mission is summarized below.

The gaming division will establish a game development pole in Africa to promote African culture around the world, while the IT division will upgrade our schools and universities technological infrastructure to maintain the continent’s competitiveness. Finally, the engineering division (the flagship of African engineering) will send German engineering into the closet and show the world how Ramesses II, Piye, Shaka Zulu, Behanzin, Menelik II, and others used to engineer solutions.

So, the three divisions will operate as cooperatives to provide all necessary support to BenSino EG SASU to accomplish its goals of sustainable industrialization of the beautiful continent from Cape Town to Alexandria.