Internal Resources Available

All the resources including articles, papers, eBooks, tutorials used to develop our games, IT enterprise and engineering solutions are gathered in this section but cannot be publicly disclosed due to intellectual property rights issues. Therefore, only users with the proper credentials will be granted access to these resources or they must request access to them. The request need to be approved by the system administrator for full access to the documents.

Clients should have their own copy of all design documents used to develop their applications or systems and are not expected to consult these documents here unless permission was previously given to disclose the documents on this website. In that case, these design documents will be publicly accessible in the "Documentation" section.

All publicly and privately accessible resources are still abide by their own copyrights and intellectual properties and should be verified before copying or redistributing any of the documents to avoid any third party lawsuit or fines. In other words, the company is not responsible for any law violation or copyright infringement.

As the company is incorporated, it has to produce a yearly financial report which summary will be available for information. In fact, its financial statements are also accessible through this portal in the "Finance" section.